Block everything except windows/comodo updates

Can someone please explain how I can achieve this.

I have an “always on” internet connection shared by 5 computers and I want to configure the Comodo Firewall on all systems in such a way that

a. Windows updates, Comodo updates are not interrupted
b. Every other application is blocked from connecting to internet.
c. Network sharing and local network activity is uneffected.

Thanks in advance

Take a look at this for a basic idea. You’ll have to make a few modifications for you needs. For example, you’ll need to allow the Comodo components outbound - the default rule for ‘Comodo Internet Security’ will be enough. You’ll also need to allow the System process to send and receive on the LAN, this is for your file and printer sharing. If you’ve used the Stealth Ports Wizard with the first option, this is already done. It also creates the necessary Global rules as well.

Basically, use the rules for svchost from the link I posted, add or leave the rule for ‘Comodo Internet Security’, run SPW with the first option, then delete everything else. Finally, add a final rule that blocks all applications, see the other thread for this too.