Block certains sites and per user settings

hi all!
I have a question, I want to block some sites from my son. A friend of mine showed me how he does that with his firewall (he uses Kerio) but I didn’t find similar settings in CPF.
He just uses masks to mask the sites he doesn’t want to be visited and it works.
Can you please tell me if this is possible with CPF.
If not, another part of my question, is if I can set a per-user configuration, blocking some IP ranges for a particular user, but leaving them open for others? This way I could block sites thru IPs for my son, leaving them open for other users…
Thanks a lot!

If you go to my blocked network zones, you have the ability to add ip addresses/ ip ranges/ masks/ host names ( you can type the name of a website…) and if you safe this, the firewall will block access to certain sites filled in that zone…

However this also means, you can not access such sites either! this should be a new feature for the firewall…

if you are using a home network, you can accomplish your goal by going in to your router setting and define rules for the ip address of your sons computer…

My Blocked Network Zones provide a way to block specific sites but you’ll have to edit the necessary entries by hand. There is no support to import pre-built lists.

You’ll have to activate CFP parental control too to suppress alerts and to prevent unauthorized changes.

There is no support for multi user configs but if you create a prebuilt blocklist named group in My Network Zones you can remove it manually when you need to access those sites.

You could also try to setup Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor and setup explorer.exe D+ policy to allow only Internet explorer and show an alert for all other browsers (you should be careful to uncheck “Remember My Answer” when you get an alert to execute the other browsers).

Another way would be to edit the webbrowser policy to add, before all the other rules, an ask rule with prebuilt blocklist named group to the destination if parental control is in place those request should be automatically blocked but when you use the pc without parental control you should be careful to uncheck “Remember My Answer” when you get an alert during web browser surfing. Since the default Firewall alert frequency level is set to Low if you mark to remeber one of these alerts you’ll allow outboud connection to any sites!

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Thanks a lot for the answers, I’ll try this. I wish CPF had an easier way, but this should work too.
just tried, this approach doesn’t seem to work for some sites ((
I want to block - russian “myspace”. I add the host to blocked list - no result, I try a mask .odnoklassniki. - still, i’m able to load the site… Any ideas?
I also tried just to test by blocking google - still wont’ work.

Do you see the site listed in the blocked network zones?

Are you using CFP 3.0.25? There is a reported bug with network zone handling in that version. Try the firewall/D+ portion of CIS beta 3 instead.

I guess that a mask won’t do. The reason for the blocked zone not working could be a 3.0.25 as sded noticed.

You can either install CIS beta3 or attempt to workaround this zone issue by manually exiting CFP after you applied your changes. If you right-click on cfp tray icon and select exit, the zones will be saved correctly.

thanks a lot, I really have 3.025 ver. The zones work weird in it, it looks like they start working after you restart comodo, and not right after, but rather in 5 mins.
I"ll check if it works for me, if not, I’ll try a different version with zones fixed.
Thanks again for help!
Too bad that masks don’t seem to work, this is really a disappointment.