Block by hostname is not working

I have used C.I.S for a long time now and i feel it is the best, however the block by host name feature is not working for me i have tried to block under the applications rule & the blocked zone rule.

for the life of me i would at least expect the block under the application rule to work but it does not. am i doing something wrong. better yet forget what steps i have taken tell me the steps to take and then we can compare notes. thank cisers

It’s working for me.

Did you actually select Host Name from the dropdown list in Blocked Zones? You should click the Add button, and select A New Blocked Address, then select Host Name. Add the host name and click OK.

If this isn’t working, what is the host name you are trying to block so we can test it? is what im trying to block. also if i blcok the whole internet connection goes south 7 i am not using dsl, that ■■■■, im using charter.

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does not seem to be working.

Facebook is blocking for me.

Edit: I guess I should mention I’m using Win XP SP3. What OS are you guys using?

I’m posting screenshots of the blocks in three browsers.

The block is indeed odd. It seems to deny access to DNS, judging from the message that I get from Dragon. (Final screenshot) That definitely shouldn’t be happening! I’m not sure what to make of that… ???

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I am using windows 7 64 bit, in the previous version 5 & 4 it worked great. perhaps this is some new issue that needs to be addressed. I like comodo and never plan to use anything other than comodo so i hope what ever it is they fix it quick like. ???

oh & i have set the ipv6 monitor though i dont think that they use that even if they did it should block it.

Tested on Vista x64 SP2 , IPv6 not implemented.

Whenever I played around with the Blocked zone feature of CIS in the past, blocking facebook, by using the ‘Hostname’ was always problematical. I have a feeling it’s partially a regional thing, as DNS queries for facebook are pretty funky. Take a look through wireshark for details.

You can, however, block facebook by using their IP address space, which for me (and I believe globally) is: -

Alternatively, you can create an entry in the hosts file:


On a general note, CIS blocked zones won’t work if the DNS Client service is disabled. Also, having IPv6 enabled or disabled, will make no difference, as IPv6 addresses are not resolved by IPv4 name servers.

Radaghast: thank you so much, so we can basicly say that the hostname feature needs some matureing before it can be depended on. great!!

How exactly did you find that ip range for facebook?? were can i obtain this knowledge?? for any host in the future i would choose to block.

I use IPNetInfo for Whois. it’s a great no-install application that also integrates with CurrPorts Just place IPNnetInfo in the sane folder as Currports, then you can call IPNetInfo from the file menu. Currports is available as a 32 or 64 bit download, it also doesn’t require installation.

You can also use TCPView but I don’t personally like the way it does Whois.

All i can say is Bravo, Bravo. This is a must have application. Thanks Again!!