Block application Internet access with Kaspersky 2010

I have recently uninstalled ZoneAlarm as my license with them expired over christmas and though I’d jump on and see Comodo for its firewall.

I use Kaspersky 2010 Antivirus (not Internet Security) and am hoping to use it together with Comodo firewall.

My problem is that Comodo cannot pickup that a program is accessing the Internet before it runs through Kaspersky (COmodo sees all internet access as originating from Kaspersky). If I turn Kaspersky off it behaves as expected (blocking the application as specified in the rules). However I am in no position to leave Kaspersky, so can someone tell me if there is a work around for Comodo to see the true application attempting to access the internet? ZoneAlarm was able to do this.

I really am enjoying comodo apart from this glitch, but it is a tipping point for me to go back to ZoneAlarm.



I did some research and found out it is a long standing problem and other antivirus users (e.g. Nod32 users) have the same issue too. This is a problem that has been around for 2 years now from what I gather ( and;msg120075)

It seems the virus scanners set up a local proxy to tunnel all traffic through so they can scan - however to Comodo this shows traffic originating from any application as coming from kaspersky/nod32.

Are CIS doing something about this? I’ve found PC Tools Firewall Plus (also free and supposedly better than ZoneAlarm) has a local proxy function that seems to be able to identify the source program. But I’d like to use Comodo so please let me know know if there is something I’m missing that I can solve this problem with or if the developers might be doing something about this in an upcoming version.