BLOCK ALL websites... per PC with DNS?


Do you know of any solution that would allow me to block access to ALL websites for 10 PCs?

This 10 PCs are connected through a proxy.
We need to allow only 1 website to each PC.
For example, PC #1, #2 and #3 should be allowed to connect to facebook only, for example.
#4, #5 and #6 should be allowed to connecto to hotmail only. And so on…

You may ask:
“Why dont you set up a DNS services at the access point level, and configure each PC separately”.

Well, yeah, but in that case each PC configured under the access point will grab the same profile.
We need each PC have their own private profile, even when they all have the same public IP.

I was trying CyberPatrol Online Protection, but didnt quite worked due to some things.
Do you know if OpenDNS or someone else can offer such service?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Is there no provision for something like this in the proxy software you’re using?

With regard to using something like OpenDNS, the problem you’re going to face, assuming you’re using traditional proxy software, is the filtering is going to be associated with the proxy address, as opposed to the individual IP addresses of each PC.

There are a number of ways you could approach this, it just depends if you want a free or paid solution and how much work you’re prepared to do. For some examples:

Use the host file - probably a lot of work
Use IE Zones - not so good if you’re not using IE :smiley:
Use and add-on for the browser you do use - Eg. Blocksite
Use something like Kerio Control in place of the proxy - Will cost
Use something like Pfsense in place of the proxy - might be a good solution
Use the router firmware - assuming your you have a router

I’m sure there are other ways…

Thank you Radaghast for your solutions.

Sadly, no. They are using WinProxy and it allows to block all websites and create a whitelist, but that works for all the computers in the network. And like I have explained, each PC has a different profile.

KERIO solution looks quite good, but its really expensive. :cry:
And PFSENSE needs some work.

I guess Ill have to go with IE Zones. :embarassed:

I had another thought Untangle They offer both paid and open source versions of their product, although I haven’t used the free version, I believe it still offers web filtering.