block all websites except for a whitelist

hello and thanks for reading this,
i need a way to block all website access except for a whitelist of permitted sites.
i cannot figure it out.
i have read the manual, searched online and try to find the answer in this forum.

if you can help, please let me know.

First you add the websites you want to allow access to the default Exclusions category, then create a new category that you can name for example All others and add a new website item that only contains the wildcard character *. After you have set those up, you then should disable the default rules Allow sites and Blocked sites. Now you create two new rules, the first that allows website access, which you can do as follows: Name it for example My allowed sites, then under categories add only the Exclusions category, lastly go to restrictions section and add Everyone then set the restriction to Allow. Now create a second rule and give it a name like Block all others and add the previously created category All others, then add the Everyone object and set the restriction to Block.

After you have done all that make sure the allow rule is above the block rule, it should look like the following screenshots to give you an idea.

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wow, thanks for the info and taking the time for the graphic images. i will try what you suggested and let you know.
and remember the geek shall inherit the earth

Hi, any chance of re-uploading those images? They come through as 404s.


***EDIT - I figured it out…thanks for the post from Feb