Block all web traffic with exceptions

Is there a way with this product to block all outbound internet traffic (80) except for a predefined list of URLs?

You mean inbound traffic correct. If your surfing ht web thats inbound. As far as I know you cannot. Might I ask why you need to do this? Maybe another program can help you better. I know you can block certain web sites with Comodo.

I want to block all web surfing except for a few corporate approved websites.

I have not done it with urls, but give this a try: You can create a zone under firewall/common tasks/my network zones that contains the urls as host names of the sites you want to allow, call it mine. Then for your browser, use the rules for Web Browser, but change the http rule to:
allow/tcp/out/any/mine (zone)/any/http ports and delete all the ftp rules. You should get a block and log for all other sites if CFP3 is working correctly for this setup. This will also allow access to https and a few other http alternate ports, but you can also edit the http ports to just 80 if desired.

While playing around with this I was able to accomplish a similar (albeit rather extreme) version of this idea by blocking huge IP ranges in MY Blocked Network Zones and the creating a handful of exceptions. I then locked the settings with a password before leaving town and was then able to relax when my house-sitter used the PC.

(this was a while back - I now use my router to accomplish this easily)