block all unknown

Is there a option in comodo firewall, that work like ‘deny all unknown’ in kerio 2.1.5???

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The firewall will alert you if you want to Allow or Deny an application to communicate with the internet.

Please refer to the FAQ,

You will find allot of information there, or in CPF itself - Open Comodo and click on Miscellaneous then click on Help

EDIT: Sorry if I read your starting sentence wrong. I’m going to bed now - if you have other questions another member will be able to reply fairly quickly :slight_smile:

No dont click on about. Click on “Help”. If you run the stealth port wizard found under Firewall\Stealth Port Wizard and chose the option to block all in coming connections I think thats what your looking for.

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Hi Bayron,welcome to the forums.

If you would like the firewall to alert you to anything which doesn`t have a rule made for it in “Application Rules” then you need to set it to “Custom”.This way you will get an alert which you can decide on(If on the alert you have “remember my answer” ticked,a rule will be created)


That’s not it. It will block all incoming connetions even to the programs I allowed it (ftp server, www server, etc).
I need to find one little option. Deny all in/out connections that are unknown to the firewall.

Make your final firewall application rule a block all in/out (log if you wish). Another ex K2.1.5 user. :slight_smile:

Hello Bayron, Can you please rephrase your opening sentence? I think a few of us are having trouble trying to understand what you actually need help with!

Right click on the firewall icon.
Select Firewall Security Level
Click Block All Mode


Mike that is clearly not what he wants cause that shuts down all internet traffic. Its the same function as ZA padlock. Read what he said. He asked to deny all unknown. He never said he wants to completely block his internet.

Not 100% sure but i think might help.


Yes I think thats it matty.