Block All Traffic?

I haven`t installed the Comodo Firewall as of yet. I have found no information pertaining to the user being able to simply click on one tab to block ALL internet connection activity. I unfortunately like alot of folks nowadays have an always ON internet connection thru my server as soon as the pc is powered up. I personally like to install & uninstall various apps and work off-line, and other firewalls I have had in the past have this feature, so my question is before I install this Comodo Firewall does it have this feature?

Thanks for any replys!

Regards, Silverfox

CPF does have a block all feature. its accessible from sys tray or within the main gui


Melih, Thank you very much for the quick reply!

When do you all expect the new Final version to be released in lieu of the beta?

Regards, Silverfox

I just read in another thread you all expect the Final to be released early next week. I will wait until then to d\l and install this highly rated Firewall !!! (:CLP)

Regards, Silverfox