Block all traffic but only allow

I’m trying to do the following if possible:

I would like to block ALL traffic and with all I really mean ALL.
But I would also like that the website can be visited but only this webiste (is an example).
And even beter would be to only allow IP address to visit

So I want a rule set that only allows a few specified addresses incomming and outgoing. Is this possible and if yes how?

You would need, assuming cis is installed in proactive mode, firewall custom, no trusted vendors, to set firewall rules allowing your permitted ip, immediately followed by a general rule blocking every ip.

Somewhat painful if many allowed ip are involved.

Another solution was described for a custom Firefox installation for the visitors of the Brooklyn Museum of Art (N.Y.), only allowed to visit from the Museum computers specific websites in kiosk mode:

I don’t know if such a solution can be transposed to other browsers, searching for " x kiosk mode" (where x is your browser) maybe would retrieve something.

It are only a few IPs not many. But I can’t find a detailed tutorial how to set this up.