block all site but

I am sorry for this question as it doesn’t concern Comodo, but I am seeking a help from and expert here,

I wannt block the internet at a laptop of a child I am parenting, comodo firewall has everything, I need except youtube, as it has so many Ip ranges,

when I block all out tcp/udp except host name or the youtube,com IPs I pinged, it will open the site youtube but it will not open the videos, any help how can open the videos as well?

thanks in advance

I searched a lot couldn’t find an asnwer

I believe you must only allow these hostnames:

Hopefully, COMODO Firewall accepts wildcards (haven’t tested it myself).


thanks so much for your reply

unfortunately it didn’t work

Did you try adding the prefix “http://” to each hostname?

Then if it doesn’t work, I guess Firewall doesn’t take wildcards.

thanks for your reply

I am sorry but I didn’t had the chance till now to test the prefix http://, I will send my feed back soon

but I tried the * with no luck :frowning:


again thanks for your help

Comodo firewall is not really suited to act as a filter. It’s better to look elsewhere.