Block all ports except...?

How do you get comodo block everytyhing but the ports you define in Global Rules?

Ive tried various ways but nothing seems to work. I just want it to block every port except the ones ive selected. There has to be a less tedious way then to manually block and allow port ranges, yes?

Id just like to add a port when added i want everything but the added ports to be open, pretty simple?

Hello huldu,

You can do that in a few ways but i would suggest the following.

Add the ports you like to have open as a group on “My port sets”
Now create a global rule that allows this group and create a second rule BELOW that rule that blocks all other traffic.

That should do the trick, you could use “all except” but that is a bit difficult to read from the rulebase.
I would prefer 2 rules, that is much easier to understand if you read it.

Thank you for responding!

I finally got the right question to ask, took a few days. Its in this thread:

Just trying to find someone who knows a thing or two about vpn connections and using a firewall to block/allow certain network interfaces.

What would you like to do with the vpn connection traffic ?