Block all incoming

I changed my configuration on the stealth port wizard to Block all incoming connections and as a result I get :

Windows Operating System - Blocked - UDP - - 1324 - - 1900

This happens every 2 minutes and as of right now it has blocked this 700 times.

What is this and should I be concerned??? ???

Hello b2f,

What you are seeing is upnp broadcast probably from your router. There are a couple of things you can do.

First off you go into your router settings and see if your able to turn upnp off in there. Warning though, if you use programs like utorrent you may need this setting on.

Secondly you could put in a “Global Rule” to block and not log in Network Security Policy/Global Rules

To do this ckick on Firewall->Advanced->Network security policy->Here you will find Application and Global Rules->From the Global rules window click on “Add”, then- Action=Block (do not have the “Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired” box ticked/Protocol = UDP/Direction=In/Source Address= Address= port=Any/Destination port=1900 APPLY to set rule.

You should end up with Block UDP In from IP to IP Where source port is Any and destination port is 1900.
Now you need to highlight this rule and hit “Move Up” and place it at the top of your “Global Rules”

This should stop the logs getting cloged