Block ALL incoming request if matching IP from textfile?

Is it possible to do the following :
block ALL incoming IP request matching a list of IP addresses ? Also looking for a non ‘slowing down too much my stuff’ way.
The reason I’m asking is that I have a small webserver and I would like to block IP addresses that try to run illegal operations. I already have that textfile with a list of IPs (growing everyday) and would like totally refuse ANY incoming connection from these IPs. Cheers

Yes its possible, create a network zone with the list of IPs/ranges in it. Then create a block rule with the aforementioned zone as the source. However Comodo firewall was not intended to be used for a server firewall. Its easy to get around this kinda of blocking btw.

Well I’m not looking to copy/paste IPs but link to a file, so I guess it’s not possible…

To my knowledge it is not.

Would creating a zone of allowed ip’s, then making a block all rule with the (exclude) option checked and inserting the allowed ip zone work?