Block all but allowed? [RESOLVED]


How do I block all connections apart from the ones allowed? I just want no questions and allow things I have made rules for like Eset SS firewall…Policy based.


Did you run the stleath port wizard and select block all incoming connections? Comodo will alert you of outgoing firewall programs and the D+ will alert you till your programs are learned.

Cheers for the reply I have done both of the above. I just need to block new outgoing and D+ alerts automaticly with no alert window showing. I am using a family computer and like most windows users they tend to always click ‘Ok’ or ‘Allow’ without reading.

For the firewall, you can go to custom policy mode and make the last application rule under firewall/advanced/network security policy a “block all outbound” without logging. Same thing should work in paranoid mode for D+ under Computer Security Policy if you block all applications (or executables) as the last rule, but haven’t tried it.

Hi ToM-X,

If i get what you are saying right,you want it so any program which doesn`t have a rule in “Application Rules” is Blocked with no pop up you need to do this.

Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Click on ADD/***/Now click on “Select”/file groups/All applications/Apply to close window.
Now at the bottom of “Application Rules” you will have an entry for “All applications” highlight “All applications” choose “Edit”/Now give it a rule Block IP in/out/ any/any/any(You can log if you want,if you do where *** is choose the pre-defined policy “Blocked Application”) Apply to close all windows.


ps you should end up with this,make sure it is at the bottom

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What I am gathering is the user wants a completely silent firewall but I don’t think that is possible. And if it is how are you suppose to be informed about any malware or virus activity?

Im sorry or is it that you want to block everything silently except for what was already aloud?

Thanks Matty Worked perfectly. Vettetech what I wanted to do was block everything apart from the applications I had allowed. The last thing I need is a family member clicking ‘Allow’ to everything that alerts.