Block Ads in Yahoo! Messenger with Comodo CIS 4.***

Using URL Snooper 2 Freeware and setting a firewall rule in Comodo CIS 4.*** I managed to keep ads from appearing inside Yahoo! Messenger. Here is what I did and I hope it works for you too. Any feedback is much appreciated.

  1. I downloaded URL Snooper 2 (Freeware) from here: URL Snooper -

It simply sniffs your network adapter for the connections made and displays them in a table.

  1. I downloaded the web-installer for Yahoo! Messenger, if you like to use the offline installation file for the latest version you can get it here:

  2. I installed URL Snooper 2 and selected my network adapter. Don’t worry if “Auto Determine Network Adapter Now” does not work, simply select your network adapter from the pull down list. Usually you only have one in the list anyways.

  3. I installed Yahoo! Messenger. You can do that either with the web-installer or use the offline installation file from above.

  4. Now I started URL Snooper 2 and clicked on “Sniff Network”. In the Protocol Filter I selected “Show All”.

  5. Now I started Yahoo! Messenger while having URL Snooper 2 sniff my network connections. I allowed all connections in the firewall without clicking “Remember my answer”. Yahoo! Messenger started up and under the contact list the ad started appearing.

In URL Snooper 2 I checked the list of URLs and found

as well as

to be having the Source IP So that is where the ads come from.

  1. During the start up process I also noticed the firewall asked me if I wanted to allow an outgoing TCP connection from YahooMessenger.exe on Port 80 going to Remote IP:

  2. There you go, now I simply made a rule in Network Security Policy → Global Rules to block ads inside Yahoo! Messenger.

Block Yahoo! Messenger Ads

Action: Block (check “Log as a firewall even if this rule is fired” to see if it works for you)
Protocal: TCP
Direction: Out (Note YahooMessenger.exe was asking to connect to that server to be able to deliver
you the ads, so the direction of the request is outgoing.)
Description: Block Yahoo! Messenger Ads
Source Address: Any
Destination Address:
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 80

Screenshot of URL Snooper 2 listing Yahoo! adservers:

Screenshot of CIS 4 YahooMessenger.exe asking to connect to Yahoo! adservers:

If you find any other Yahoo! adserver locations please post them here in a reply or PM them to me.
I hope this works for you as well as it does for me.


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To all - please bear in mind that using these rules would place you in breach of the Yahoo Messenger EULA.

Even Yahoo has a right to cover their costs. :wink:

I’m using this for ages and it does pretty well. :slight_smile: