block access to web browser

I found several posts with the same question, but it didn’t seem like anyone was ever successful.

I want to stop other programs from opening my browser, Firefox.

Ideally, I would like to get a pop-up the first time an application tries to open it, and then I could choose “allow” or “deny”. But I can’t even get as far as just blocking it altogether. I don’t want to be asked or set rules about executing other applications, just my browser.

If I go to the HIPS rule for “All Applications”, for “Run an executable”, I can only set it to “Ask” or “Block”. Why on earth is there no “Allow” option??? I don’t want to get pop-ups asking me about everything, I just want to deny access to one specific application by using an exception.

If I go into Modify, in “Allowed files/folders”, I can set that to *, and that allows running without pop-ups. But then if I put Firefox.exe in “Blocked files/folders”, it doesn’t work. Apparently the Allowed exception takes precedence over the Blocked.

I’ve been trying for many hours to find a way to do this simple thing, blocking Windows messages and Hooks, etc., but nothing works and I’ve given up. Any ideas?

You can create a “new group” and you can place all your browsers there. Then you can block the application / program from accessing this file group (which is all your browsers). Pardon for the instructions as I am in a hurry. I believe you can still get the idea with the images.

A. Disconnect from the internet.

B. Create a new file group first.

  1. Got to HIPS > Protected objects > right click on an open space
  2. Select Groups.

  1. Manage File Groups > New Group > Name your new group > Open all your browsers(run all of them)

  1. Right-click on your new group name > Add > Running Processess > Select your running browsers one by one
  2. Click OK to close.

C. Create a HIPS Rules to block access to browsers

  1. Go to HIPS > Rulesets > Add > --name your block rule (Ruleset Policy)
  2. Go to Run an executable > Exclusions > Modify 0 / 0 > select the last “0”.
  3. Go to Blocked Files/Folders > Add
  4. Add> File Groups > --select the new group that you created (which contains all your browsers)
  5. Click OK to close.

D. Create HIPS Rules for the application you want to block access to browsers

  1. Run the application you want to block
  2. Go to HIPS Rules > Add > Browse > Running Processess > --select the program you wanna block
  3. Click "Use a Custom Ruleset " > Copy From > Ruleset > select the new group you created.
  4. Click OK to close.

Connect to the internet and check if the browsers are blocked in the HIPS log.

Beautiful instructions with pretty pictures. Just one problem - it does NOT work. Try VSO soft ConvertXtoDVD and let me know what happens. Install it, then uninstall it. In both instances it will launch the browser right in front of your nose without a single warning. I started a thread about this issue over 2yrs ago, submitted bug report and nothing had been done until this day. Firefox on Win 7 Pro 64, SP1.

Please don’t crosspost and necropost. You made your point in your own topic that you made two years ago.

Don’t continue posting in this topic.

The best way to avoid posts such as mine would be for the company to address/fix the issue (two years later), not chastise users. Right?

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