Block a program from accessing Browser ??

Well i want a particular program from accessing browsers [ c:\program files.…\friefox.exe and other browser ]

But the problem is i want to allow the same program to access other all Programs .

Here is something i have done [ which didn’t worked ]

created a Preset name X in Defense +
Rules are
1] Run an executable : permission allow : Modified : allow all [*] , blocked three browser installed [ Firefox,Chrome,IE9]
2] Windows massages : permission :allow , blocked again three browsers .

But this don’t work , if i clicked on any hyperlink in the help file or from about window, it opens a browser window . I need serious help to to this .

This topic may be what you are looking for:Prevent applications from launching browser.

Have successfully blocked applications from launching browsers by:

  1. Advanced Settings>Security Settings>HIPS>HIPS Rules:

  2. Add>(Browse to the location of your application)>Use a Custom Ruleset

  3. Access Rights>Run as executable> select the the second zero in Modify(0/0).

4a. Blocked Files/Folders>Add>select the location of browser


you can create a File Group, say, “Browsers” by:

  1. Blocked Files/Folders>Groups>Add>New Group
  2. Name “your new group”>OK
  3. Select “your new group”>right click>Edit>Add>Folder(select folder of browsers you have).
  4. OK.
  5. Instead of selecting the browser’s one-by-one in step 4a, you can just select;

Access Rights>Run as executable> select the the second zero in Modify(0/0).

4b. Blocked Files/Folders>Add>File Groups>“your new group

For applications like KMPlayer which even when you apply the above rule still launches IE you can add:

x) Access Rights>Protected COM Interfaces> select the the second zero in Modify(0/0)

y) COM Groups>Internet Explorer/Windows Shell

Way back Ronnie has posted this way of blocking KMPlayer but I seem to be having a hard time locating it here.

This is the image of his post. Still works for me here.