Block a folder using CIS

In CIS 5.10 and earlier versions, I used to block folders through Defense+ (I have switched to version 6 sometime back and I don’t exactly remember the path used - AFAIK it was Defense+ setting - block files/folder - browse to the folder and add to block files). Once done, when I click on the folder name, I would get ‘access denied’ message. This was useful to protect the folder & documents from accidental deletion by my son, who uses the computer to play games.

However, in CIS 6.3 I am unable to find the same in any of the settings of HIPS / Defense+. The only option available seems to be protect applications. Has this feature been removed or am I just not been able to find it out?

If it is removed, it is my strong wish to reintroduce the same.

You now need to take a detour. I don’t know the trick exactly but key is to make a group under Protected Files and use that. May be somebody else can fill this in further?

Block ALL actions:

[ol]- Advanced Settings

  • Security Settings
  • Defense+
  • HIPS
  • Protected Objects
  • In the window to the right you’ll now see “Blocked Files” next to “Protected Files” click this
  • Add whatever you want to be blocked (it will be blocked from everything, even reading)[/ol]

Only block modification like moving, writing or deleting from explorer.exe (won’t affect reading):

[ol]- Advanced Settings

  • Security Settings
  • Defense+
  • HIPS
  • HIPS Rules
  • Locate “%windir%\explorer.exe” in the list
  • Edit the rule
  • If it’s set to “Use Ruleset” then change this to “Use a Custom Ruleset” (copy from Allowed Application if you want)
  • Scroll down under “Access Rights” and find “Protected Files/Folders”
  • Click “Modify”
  • Click “Blocked Files/Folders” in the new window
  • Add the files/folders/groups to be blocked.
  • Optional: Repeat for any other applications like cmd.exe and notepad.exe etc[/ol]


I tried this workaround but it did not work. Posted a new topic about this here,