block a folder and only allow certain program to access it

I add a folder to the “Blocked Files” at “Protected Objects”

Then i went to the program rule and add the same folder to “Protected Files/Folders” in “Access Rights”

When i try to use that program to access the folder it give me a access deny.
"You don’t have the permission to open this file. Contact the file owner or an adminitrator to obtain permssion.’

The Blocked Files category will block files completely from everything, there is no exclusions for this other than removing the files/folders from the list.

is there anyway to do it in cis?

what does the Protected Data Folders do?

Depends, it’s possible to block all but one application from modifying files in a certain folder, but it’s not possible to block them from reading the files while still allowing one application to do so.

Setting it up to block all applications but one from modifying a folder is a bit of work though, it involves adding the folder to the blocked portion of Protected Files/Folders settings for EVERY application rule in HIPS, except the applications you want to allow, add the folder to the allowed part for that application. Then also edit all the HIPS rulesets to block that folder. … I think that’s it, that’s how I did it with my backup folder at least.

“The data files in the folders listed under the Protected Data Folders area cannot be seen, accessed or modified by any known or unknown application that is running inside the sandbox.”

The Protected Files is good for when the programs need to read the setting but cannot modify it.

I’m going to create a wish for it. Cast your vote if you agree with what i said below.

I want to block access to My Document folder except for certain programs. That folder is for personal thing, and no program should know what inside except for program i allowed. Like a online backup software. I want it to automatic backup one folder, but it has no right to know what i have in other folders. There is really no way to know if that program look at the other folder. A lot of software now scan the pc when installing them. Online cloud software for image will do those thing. And i have to allow them to access internet, but i don’t know if they look at the other folder or not.Only way is to block access and allow some program. Protected Files is good but it doesnt prevent copy and uploading, so it is only good for setting folder and non-personal folder.