Blender 3D apps raise an autorisation from Comodo

Some people maybe got this problems when they want to lauch Blender.exe.
Every time the launch still to be approuved by Comodo, annoying at least ! :-\

This problems persist even you tell to Comodo that you agree it ???, and this because Blender.exe control another process inside : Blender-app.exe (the real laucher).

For avoid that, you have to put a rules in the Behaviour Blocker :
>>>Lauch the apps you want to rules.

  • find Defense+ in Comodo tabs;
  • check Define exceptions and go to it >Exceptions (a new window should open);
  • RMB (right clic) >Add >Active process ; select your apps in the list – clic OK;
  • now your apps is in the Exception window – clic OK

You’re the boss 8)