Blank screen

Hi, I have a strange problem.
I installed Comodo firewall and now everytime a run a fullscreen program, the screen turns blank, with no way to regain control of the computer except reboot. Closing or unistalling Comodo solves the problem.
I have an Eee netbook with W7. Do you know what it is? Do you know how to solve it?
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This post may help:;msg516080#msg516080

Hi, thanks for your suggestion.

Infact that method worked but… it’s not a solution. I mean, it’s easier to simply uninstall Comodo.
A program can’t have such a stupid shortcoming, fullscreen programs are not even so rare…
Is there a solution to that?

Should be cured from now on for that game.

CIS is secure because it’s default deny.

So it must ask if it meets a file it does not know, asking to do something that could be a security risk

People don’t want pop-ups when in full screen game mode, so they are suppressed

So it blocks (default deny) due to no answer.

It’s quite a logical conundrum. Maybe it could allow pop-ups just from the program in full screen mode, but not all pop-ups would stop operation, so maybe that could be an option.

Not easy anyway

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It’s not logical: if pop-ups don’t pop-up because “people don’t want them when in full screen”, then CIS mustn’t block the program, let alone freeze the whole computer.
I’m not a gamer, and anyway I jumped on the problem since the day I installed Comodo. I think this is a quite common issue for let a bug unsolved.
Are you telling me currently there is no way to prevent this to happen?

In understand your frustration. This may occur in other unrecognised games, and can be solved by the same process, but should not occur in that one again.

To automatically allow an unknown file would be a security risk.

My suggestion is to add an option to display an alert only for the full-screened program when in full screen mode.

Otherwise of course the answer is more whitelisting, but games are a particularly dangerous area where vendor whitelisting can lead to trusting unsafe files because vendor certificates have been hijacked. Whitelisting files is a huge job, but C is getting there.

Security is difficult because malware producers are adaptive :slight_smile:

Best wishes

When you say “My suggestion is to add an option…” do you mean “there’s a option in the settings of your current version you should flag in order to solve the problem” or “I seize the opportunity to suggest the programmers to implement this thing on a future version”?

The latter :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks :slight_smile: