Blank Firewall Alerts when Shutting down Windows

Every time I shutdown Windows XP, I have some new BLANK firewall alerts appear.

I would fix this, however the alerts are all Blank ! So I have no idea what they mean !!

How do I diagnose this problem please ? Is anybody else having this same problem ??

Can You Confirm That Is It A Firewall Alert Or Defense + Alert ?

His picture shows you it’s a Firewall Alert’.

Check his uploaded pic.

Try this.

1.take screen shots for ‘Network Security Policy’.
2.change ‘Firewall behavior settings’ to Training.
4.change ‘Firewall behavior settings’ to Safe. with screen shots.(which file added)


Ok so I checked the alert message and it was yellow firewall alert for certain.

I put firewall in training mode and rebooted twice. (Note. → Alert did STILL appear in training mode)

Checked the Network Security Policy, but nothing has been added.

I set the firewall back to Custom Policy Mode, rebooted again and the yellow firewall alert STILL appears.

What next ?

Hi Creasy,
At First I Was Quite Confused When You Mentioned That There Is A Pic, Because I Don’t Find Any Uploaded Pic Over Here[Screenshot Attached] . Later When I Logged In From My Mobile, I Can See The Uploaded Picture. Eventhough Its Not My Fault, I’am Extremely Sorry For The Confusion.

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Have You Check With This?;msg226304#msg226304

I have found the culprit to this bug, thank you napsterz.

I disabled nvidia nview manager.

Comodo team, can you please fix comodo so that it correctly intercepts the nVidia nview process whilst accessing multiple monitors, or a virtual display, or which ever tricky method nview uses that comodo is currently unable to intercept the process details.