Black space above the IceDragon browser?

I was just wondering why there is so much wasted space at the top of the IceDragon browser (I’m alluding to that approximate 2 inches or so of black space just above the browser window). I have a 17 inch monitor and that little piece of missing “real estate” is very precious. Seems as though the space could be used for the tabs and buttons and tool bars, which would give back the wasted space. I’ve already downloaded it as I am very impressed with the features this browser advertises, and hope that in the next release, the developers will use that black space by “pulling up” the tool bars to the top of the browser, which would fill that empty black span of wasted space allowing for more viewing space.

This is not a complaint—just a question.

Thank you for providing such a valuable piece of software. ???

Hi JD Straw,

If you right click on the ‘Black Space’ and un-tick Menu Bar, this will decrease the amount of space taken up and give you back some “real estate” :-TU :slight_smile:

HTH ( Hope This Helps )


Hi JD Straw,
Also make certain your browser is maximised (Top right corner) and not just dragged full screen, otherwise your tab bar will always be down one row.

Thanks for your time, your courtesy and your helpful hint… it worked!

Thank you. I appreciate (REALLY appreciate!) the information.