Black screen with Game startups

Hi all,

I wanted to install CIS on my sons computer but starting games the computer presents a black screen and stops. I have to restart the whole computer with the power button. All games start slow or not at all. I normally use Avast4.8 on Vista HB and than I have no problems.

I wanted to include in save list but this has no effect.

It is the Game Wolfenstein ET “Privacy tijdens het downloaden | Zo bescherm je jouw gegevens
S4 “

What di I do wrong?

Try setting D+ to Clean PC Mode and the Firewall to Safe ModeTraining Mode. In these modes Comodo will learn the rules without giving pop ups. Start the game and play a couple of times. Then put D+ and Firewall back to their previous higher settings.

Go to D+ → Advanced → Defense + Settings and set to Clean PC Mode. Go to Firewall → Advanced → Firewall behaviour settings → set to Safe ModeTraining Mode.

Edit: props to John Buchanan. Thx John. :-TU

Wolfenstein ET rocks. Especially 32 vs 32 ;D with Mortar and Panzerfaust ;D
(Long time ago, Activision wanted to sell Wolfenstein ET. But they quit to develope it then spreaded it’s for free)
You should make your CIS to
Firewall: training mode
D+:traning mode ET
2.go to game option
3.turn on PunkBuster
4.quit ET ET again.
6.connect to any alive server.(as you know, a lot of ET servers require you download MOD maps from
the server automatically or manually)
7.get into the game.(you don’t need to play at this time)
8.disconnect from the server.
9.quit ET

now, move to CIS.

Network Security Policy: make Trusted anything related with ET including Punkbuster.
Computer Security Policy: make Trusted anything related with ET including Punkbuster.

And then try to play.
If you don’t have problems from now on, make CIS setting to normal setting.


Thanks people, this training mode did the trick

Game ON ;D