Black screen when Windows 10 starts

OK, just wanting to inform you that I am ditching this pile of ■■■■ software for something more reliable. I’m a software/hardware engineer & more than experienced to know that there’s a fundamental problem with this software. I’m getting systems handed to me that has no internet, programs don’t load to the far extreme’s of windows 10 loading to a black screen with mouse cursor only. It’s all down to Comodo internet security 10. The problem I have experienced with every one of these 200+ system’s is that when people boot windows 10, Internet security agent does not start. You can’t fix it within comodo like it prompts you to try & you can’t even uninstall it because flip* all works. It’s like the software holds your system to ransom until it figures out how to work right. Software designed to protect you’re system isn’t supposed to flip* it up.

Never had this problem until the 10 update & comodo think Windows should be made compatible with its software when its actually the other way round. It’s deliberately conflicting with Avast so you have to make a choice, use 1 or the other & most people use Comodo because it’s free.

I’ve come to the conclusion that windows stops the security agent from loading if a part of windows hasn’t fully loaded. I’ve litterally had 200+ devices from laptops to desktops land on my counter & they’ve all had the same problem. Comodo security agent hasn’t loaded. And if that hasn’t loaded, nothing works. Internet, programs & you cant uninstall it as nothing works.

So, Comodo says this isn’t a serious bug & down to the customers poor experience with software. Well I’m very experienced & I’ve written better software surrering with the flue. This is a serious bug & I think it’s about time you fix it!

Hi VsUK,
The kind of problem you are stating could be due to user having incompatible Comodo version with latest Windows.
We had this problem in June, 2017 and v6254 release took care of those.

Considering lot of users cancel program update, we have decided to introduce Automatic Update Download and Installation in Critical Situations feature as being tested in current Beta version expected to be released coming week.

We hope to avoid such situations in future.


Well all these systems are running windows 10. But when the comodo fails to load correctly, theirs no internet. So enabling auto updates is pointless.

I have also come across a serious problem with comodo when these problems arise. When uninstalling & rebooting. The system is ruined. Nothing loads, no apps, internet & you don’t get anything to open either. I’ve gone through removing all traces I can think of using Revo uninstaller as that found leftovers & still no problem. Basically, when Comodo security agent fails to load or just decides to stop working. Nothing works at all.

Now I call this a serious problem. I have never seen a single piece of software causing so much damage to a system (viruses aside).

Do you have Comodo version and exact Windows build version details?

yeah, 1703 win 10 & its the latest version thats downloaded from your site directly. I’m recently going through various systems that have been wiped & re installed & some of them have comodo security agent failed to start & some dont. But when uninstalling comodo via safe mode because that’s the only physical way of using the control panel uninstaller, sometimes it works & sometimes it refuses to uninstall & when you reboot. nothing works at all. It’s taken a i7 Asus laptop to boot into windows & load everything 15 minutes & still, the Windows UI start menu fails to load.

We don’t really have problems with latest Comodo and any of RS2 or RS3 Windows updates.
Will it be possible to find a system where network is up but you see other problems so we can remote connect and investigate?

Well non of the systems have any functionality after uninstalling comodo. Some of them uninstaller refused to work. So I had to use revo uninstaller & rebooted, which should have removed comodo completely. There’s no network connection. It connects but no internet. They don’t allow programs to load or open. Its like comodo software has locked down the system out of spite for uninstalling it. I’ve never had any problems like this with Avast, AVG or any other security software. But with comodo. It’s either Comodo security agent has failed to start, which takes a random number of reboots to make it work or if you’ve had enough & you try to uninstall. You find you’ve got a system that no longer works.

As of now, I’ve wiped all the systems bar 1, which is a family friends. She cant afford to lose any files or anything on it. I uninstalled comodo after comodo security agent wouldnt load at all regardless of reboots. I was forced to uninstall in safe mode & now it takes 10-15 minutes for her desktop to load. I managed to get safemode loaded, which loads without a problem. However after installing comodo in safe mode. Reboot & still the same 15 minute hang & now I’m faced with looking at her desktop with no functionality at all. It’s incredibly slow & impossible to use.

You only have to google to find loads of people complaining about problems with this. It’s not just user inexperience. I’m very experienced & this is a problem with comodo. A software shouldn’t trash a system like it does if you’re forced to uninstall it by any means. I also think you should allow the ability to download an offline installer. Because when you uninstall comodo & it fails like this. You have no security waiting for things to load.

Also, when comodo does this. Whatever you open, you get IseGuard64.dll is either not designed to run on this system or has an error or whatever just by opening chrome.exe or any other software. Comodo has turned into a malicious piece of software!

The symptoms you have mentioned relate to some incompatible Comodo module installed in those system and yet not updated.

For “Security Agent” can not be re-started issue, you might want to see troubleshoot steps in following post:

In past we had incompatibility with: Comodo Internet Security Essentials, Comodo Secure shopping and Comodo Internet Security.

For sure those PCs had one of incompatible version installed while Windows updated to latest.

Btw we do have offline installer as explained here.

May you please share name and version of Comodo products from one of such systems as seen in Add/Remove section?

I split this topic from the Why did you uninstall CIS topic because it is becoming a help request. We keep that topic solely to provide feedback why user uninstalled CIS because otherwise it becomes another help topic which will then go totally astray.

Here the conversation can continue and go its course.

Please keep in mind, Windows versions DO require build numbers, as different builds will still show same release number (e.g. 1703 or 1710))

OK, I’ve managed to get the system up & running again without resetting as to the wishes of the owner. But I have a problem. No matter what is opened, a ton of IsaGuard64.dll errors pop up, which stop things from loading. I’ve installed comodo & then uninstalled via control panel but no fix.

You need to uninstall ISE which is a separate product from CIS. If it is not available in apps & features list then download the installer from here which should give you the option to uninstall.

This wont install as it says theirs a newer version installed. However its not located in the cpanal or anything.

You may need to repair the installer database using the troubleshooter from here. Then look for ISE in programs & features to uninstall.