Black Screen of Death(not blue)!

Black Screen of Death(not blue)!

I’ve posted a following bug report a couple of days ago.

And few weeks ago.

There is a big news today.

There are many people who have the same problem with the above in COMODO forum.

Do you know about this COMODO?

You might want to read this this to see if it applies.


I’ve already checked it out.
But it doesn’t work for all people and systems.
They don’t even use PREVX including me.
(I regard PREVX as garbage)

The problem is not only Black Screen of Death but also other problems.
Please read this post.

[b]Update, 3:35 p.m. PT: A Microsoft representative said that the company continues to recommend that customers “test and deploy” the November security updates.

“Based on our investigation so far we can say that we’re not seeing this as an issue from our support organization,” the representative said. “The issues as described also do not match any known issues that have been documented in the security bulletins or (knowledge base) articles.”

Prevx have withdrawn their accusation.