Black screen of death (CIS 6.1 and Avast 8)

I have similar problems with the new version of comodo firewall 6.1. I also get a black screen, with a cursor at boot during 6 to 19 minutes, before the desktop shows (i only came aware it had booted after trying to resolve it on internet sitting at another computer). The log file showed 19 minutes boot time. I have Avast 8.0 but even with all the shields off rebooting takes very long, seems to be a comodo issue.

This is no solution but if someone has the same black screen issue and you want to get to your personal data to make a backup, perhaps you should just take patience with boot, and then make a backup of those data. It is an issue that certainly should be resolved.

Hello Chickensoup. I split your topic as the original topic had run its course and your problem differs.

Did you get CIS 6.1 uninstalled once you were in Windows?


Last week after I updated from Comodo 6.0 to 6.1, I started getting a black screen (on reboot) that lasted 5 - 10 minutes every time.

Since uninstalling 6.1 and returning to 6.0, the problem has gone away.

Meanwhile, I am reluctant to use the Comodo updater again until your release notes report that this issue has been fixed.

(I am using WinXP with Avast 8.0)

Thank you for your attention.

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This is a known problem with Windows XP that has been reported as a bug. Your problem is also voiced in Boot up extremely slow after CIS 2013 v6.1 update

We heard that Comodo fixed this and we’re hoping for an update soon. Keeping fingers crossed.

Quite a few people are having similar problems with Comodo 6 and Avast 8, I randomly get a BSOD when booting up.

A BSOD is not associated with the prolonged boot problem on XP. That problem happens specifically with 6.1 and not 6.0.

Your problem is a different problem.

This happened on my computer too. But I’m running Windows 7. Hope they resolve these conflicts as it’s not natural for a Firewall program to have issues with an Antivirus program.

I have the problem

when does the problem will repair ???