Black screen after installing CIS6 Beta on Windows 8 RTM


Yesterday Egemen worked on this bug and found out that a CIS guarding dll is causing this issue.

I am sure, this issue will be solved in the next build.

Awesome! Thank you very much.

Hello >:(
I’m having the same problem with CIS 5.12 in Windows 8 Professional (x86).
I downloaded on the website of Comodo.
But after installation the screen goes black, and does not open the Desktop.
Someone managed to solve?
thank you


My system:
Win8 Pro Media Center Build 9200 (x86)

There is a forecast for the launch of this build?
Sorry my English
Thank you very much

Sorry… again

Issue resolved.

A new build which is recently released fixed this bug. Please download the new build.;msg638328#msg638328.