Black Ops 3 has stopped working

As described in the title Black Ops 3 crash at startup as once with Google Chrome or I had been forced to use Mozillaa Firefox temporarily while waiting for an update to your firewall, at the time I was using it with another Antivirus (Avira) that I had to reinstall by reactivating the firewall Windows 10 (1607).

I take advantage of it in passing if it will work if one could enlighten me on the configuration of the firewall to go in NAT open thing that I can do with the router and Comodo Firewall but I do not understand why I must Configures in the global rules the opening of the ports while the game like Steam are in authorized applications.

Thank you in advance.

PS: Sorry for my English this is a Google translation.

In case of anybody else finding this topic when searching for a solution to this…
You can prevent Black Ops 3 from crashing without having to uninstall Comodo by adding an exclusion for it under the “Detect shellcode injections” options.
In Comodo 10 that’s under: Settings - Advanced Protection - Miscellaneous - Detect shellcode injections Exclusions