Black Desktop, System Never Loads

Hello there, I could use some help if someone would be so kind.

I’m running Windows 10 with CIS and it seems to work extremely well until I reboot my computer. Every time I reboot, I enter my login credentials and it starts to load the desktop as it should, but it takes a lot longer and it gets stuck on a black desktop screen where the system just never loads. I figured it might be CIS loading and/or blocking things but I never get to my actual desktop to find out or to be able to do anything about it. I have Auto-Sandbox disabled. I have HIPS set to ‘Paranoid’ as I like knowing EXACTLY what’s going in or out, is there a setting somewhere that isn’t allowing my startup programs (such as system.exe or CIS)?

When I completely disable Comodo services and startup process, the computer loads as it should, so I know for a fact that the problem lies somewhere within.


I had the same issue as you with HIPS in paranoid. I recommend going trough the logs and setting up allow rules for all windows applications and then try again and redo that until the issue is resolved. I’m sure there’s just a few specific things you need to allow but I’m not sure what that is. Personally I decided to set HIPS to safe mode.

Thanks! It was indeed something with Windows being blocked, I dug through the logs as suggested and set a few things that didn’t have proper rules to ‘Windows Application’ (or whatever it is) and it works great now. :slight_smile: