Bittorrent not working after upgraded from Comodo 3 to Comodo 4


I have a problem after upgrade from Comodo 3.0C to Comodo 4. Both Bittorrent and uTorrent work perfect at Comodo 3 with the uTorrent firewall setting article. After I upgrade to Comodo 4 and the firewall setting as same, bittorrent 6.3 reported no income connections (port not open). The speed is very slow with yellow triangle appears but the uTorrent 2.0 appears working fine with green check circle. The firewall setting for both are same and the only difference is the port values. My computer is directed connect to AT&T Siemens 4100B DSL modem. I am very appreciate for any suggestions to solve this problem.


Hi all,

I tried to open the two ports by port forwarding as the link below but it seems no help. I notice the utorrent also slow down too.

Port forwarding link:

Firewall setting link:

Could anyone suggest me how to setup a Comodo 4’ right configuration with uTorrent and bitTorrent.


use stealth ports wizard and pick alert me to incoming connections. (middle check box)

No idea what this will do but I will comment that the OP describes EXACTLY what happened to my uTorrent as well after CIS upgraded itself. There was no way I could get this thing to go again. In the end I bit the bullet and removed CIS from my system. Then I did a clean re-install, re-instated all the rules I had for uTorrent previously and, lo and behold, no more problems with file sharing. I have MUCHO problems on other CIS fronts since. Beware, as far as I can work out, CIS 4.0 cannot handle 8.3 DOS names (which Win XP dishes out liberally). I just logged a bug report against this today. I am hugely unhappy. I did not want CIS 4.0. I was never asked whether I wanted it. The Anti-Virus at some point said that it needed to upgrade, and that was the beginning of the end. Over 20hrs of debugging, and counting. Total waste of time.

The simplest thing to do is to delete the new global rule that blocks all incoming connections. That is what is causing the malfunction of uTorrent. Deleting that rule will have the effect of reverting you to the previous behavior of alerting you when incoming attempts are made and will allow you to allow or block them on a per case basis again. There is no need to use the stealth ports wizard at all.

That is exactly what the wizard will do.

Okay I didn’t know that. So the end result is the same either way.