Bittorrent kills LAN and internet connections with CIS

My machine is running Windows XP SP3, CIS (whatever is newest as of June 22, 2009). D+ is enabled. uTorrent has been given Trusted status for both firewall and D+.

I find that if uTorrent is running for 24 hours or less, the whole machine will suddenly lose all LAN connectivity and internet connectivity. Even a ping to the router fails. A look at the NIC status reveals that it is connected. Other computers on the same LAN are still online and can talk to each other, but not to machine with CIS

One thing of interest is that CIS 3.5.xx never had this problem. It was only after upgrading to 3.9 that this problem occured.

I have already upgraded and downgraded my NIC drivers.

I really, really hope that this is a temperary bug. The reason why I say this is that Zonealarm, Outpost firewall both used to work well with bittorrent, but no longer will function well with Bittorrent running. They all will crash either the LAN or internet connectivity within 72 hours, much like CIS is doing now, even for a fresh install of Windows XP SP3.