Bitorrent now slow!

Been using Comodo Firewall for the past week (latest version) and have since noticed that Bitorrent downloads are much slower than before. Are there any settings i should tweak?

My internet speed is fast so it is not that. I was using Avast Firewall before and it never affected my downloads speeds like this.


Did you open your torrent port under firewall → global rules ?
Add a rule like this:
Allow TCP or UDP inbound from <> to <> from port <> to port <>

Then follow this topic Enable File Sharing Applications like BitTorrent and Emule, Comodo Firewall

When doing that i see IPV4 and IPV6. Which one should i choose?

Usually your router’s IP is (or something similar) and you can define a static IP for your PC (for example, You should write the latter

I followed the rulesets in that link you sent me and now Bitorrent has been blocked altogether.

Now i’m even more confused. ???

Ok, show it is working now, but is even slower than before. Comodo seems to be blocking many seeds / peers. It was faster when i didn’t have the ruleset in place.

Incoming traffic first goes through Global Rules and then through Application Rules. You need to make an Application Rule. Easiest is to give Bittorrent the Allowed Application policy. When that works may or may not want to create a more precise rule.

File sharing speed depends on many factors, not only your line speed.
If the torrent you are downloading from is slow, the speed will be low.

I have personally created the Global rule that I suggested to you, plus an Application rule as written here Enable File Sharing Applications like BitTorrent and Emule, Comodo Firewall and my torrent is working fine (usually there is a small icon which is yellow if the connection has some problem or green if it’s OK).

Even like that, sometimes I download at 50 kBs, sometimes at 1 MBs or more…

Another suggestion is to check your router, since you also have to open the torrent port there (the procedure is different for any brand of router)

I remember someone commenting that Protocol analysis could slow down throughput during large transmissions, but that was back in the v4/5 days.

Protocol analysis would drop a lot of the p2p packets for me, don’t know why or if still happening.

Could be the torrent was poisoned by anti file sharing groups and the protocol analysis was blocking them.

No wait, sorry my bad, it was “Block fragmented IP traffic” (or what it’s called)