This will be a Bitdefender discussion topic,


I beta tested their products at the very beginning, because they were going to offer some prizes to the most active beta testers, but I got bored.

The version I beta tested were the Total Security thing and to be honest, it was ■■■■ too bloated…
Why can’t security companies just keep it simple?! (Besides Comodo and perhaps a few others as well…)…

I used the free edition once as a on demand scanner. Definitions are pretty good, although it doesn’t have a on access scanner so I wouldn’t use it as a main AV.

I am trying the free version now as an on demand scanner. The first time update is slow. When using it to scan and it finds some nasties it immediately deletes them, no options for quarantine or ignore. Scan time is slower than Avira Antivir Free.


I have been reading the bit defender 2009 support forums

It seems there are alot of bugs in it’s “Early release” quite a few people think that it should have stayed in BETA testing for longer.

Why pay for something you can get for free?


I use the free version ocationally. What I don’t like is that it boots with the system and has a service running as well. It’s it’s better to be used as a cleaner and then uninstall it haha

I haven’t tried the paid version :slight_smile:

Almost every Security Software real time needs a Service. 88)


But if it’s something that doesn’t have realtime scanning it doesn’t need a service at all. Superantispyware doesnn’t need a service to be able to scan.

Bit Defender is an AV. SuperAntiSPyware is n AS. Two separate things.

BitDefender is an AV and AS in one package :slight_smile: (Dunno about the free version though :a0)

Yes I know that Comm but I was pointing out that SAS is only a anti spyware scanner for on demand purposes and therefore doesn’t need to run a service all the time. Bit Defender free is not that good at all. Its actually a version or 2 behind the paid version.

It’s not imposible to run without a service. Dr Web Cure it does it without any prob. Just making another example.

Dr Web Curit is one time use ON DEMAND scanner. It doesn’t update itself or anything. Just like KAV on demand tool.

It also depends on how different products are coded, theoretically. Some might have different scanning mechanisms to others, etc.