Bitdefender SafePay vs Comodo Kiosk

I used Bitdefender Total Security (before moving to Comodo) this came with SafePay, which I used for online banking etc., is Comodo Kiosk the same as/secure for online banking???

Me too, I am interested in this. Kaspersky has “Safe Money” for Online Banking and Online Shopping.

What would be the difference?

;D :-TU It most definitely is safe & completely secure for online banking & online shopping. Read about it here>

COMODO has better technology in there Free internet security then Kaspersky does. Take a look @ the results here>


From what I gather from the website you may just use Comodo Dragon and use the “Virtual Mode” and it will do the same.

But Yes, The Kiosk is actually better as the entire environment is secure not just the browser, plus the Kiosk has a virtual keyboard so that way Keyloggers can’t even imagine to copy your key presses.

Browser Sandboxed - Nothing should jump out or jump in
Site Inspector enabled in the Dragon Browser it will scan the site for any malicious objects.
SecureDNS will not allow you to visit any malicious websites

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Ok, so they all do the same. Except that COMODO goes beyond than only virtualizing the browser, it also creates a virtualized environment with Kiosk?

That is correct, The Kiosk is basically another OS inside your current OS, everything is isolated so that way no software can ‘touch’ it without CIS knowing about it.

Dragon is much more better IMO :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, thanks Jake!

Are you a new moderator? It’s a area of great concern when it comes to money, transactions etc., with fraud and ID theft each AV company is bringing new technology to the arena; therefore, people are cautious (as am I) when it comes to online banking. If I click the virtual keyboard with the mouse as I do not have touch screen is that also safe from key loggers??

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No Problem Tony;

Not New; I’ve been here for few years now but inactive due to me working but now that I got let go, I have more free time.

You click on the virtual keyboard, unless you have at touch screen monitor; This protects you from keyloggers; if you are using this in the Kiosk than Keyloggers should be your least of worries.

Read the following to educate your self in the features and settings

(Virtual Browser Enviroment) Dragon Virtual Mode: Comodo Dragon - Comodo Dragon in Virtual Mode | Web Browser & Internet Solutions
(Malicious Website Scanner) SiteInspector: Comodo Help
(Malicious Domain Filtering Service) SecureDNS: Secure DNS Services - No Hardware, Software Required | Internet Security v6.2
(Virtual OS Enviroment) VirtualKiosk:
(Packet/Data Encryption) TrustConnect: Secure Data Encryption, SSL VPN Connection | Internet Security v6.2 | COMODO

Please View Comodo’s Guidelines to Protecting Your ID

My Personal Tip; Is to make sure you keep an eye on the URL name of each site you visit and make sure you have been there before; if you are unsure you may ask a friend or another person. Keep your passwords strong and change them every so often. Clear History/Cookies if on public computer after completion of your session. Be Smart!

Hope this helps Ya!