Bitdefender Free now available in english

Bitdefender released the English version of their cloud(?) antivirus; formerly available only in Romanian language.

Light. Some hiccups though. Bitdefender Antivirus Free - English GUI | Wilders Security Forums

Difference between paid and free is that the free version cannot be configured. Everything is automatic. No whitelist capabilities nor does it ask if you want to quarantine or delete an infected file. It just notifies you.

Whitelisting available only for “internal testing purposes”.

Well, since it’s fully automatic, fp’s are even more dangerous. Though i hardly had any problems with it, still, I advise people to “handle it with care”.

Saw that few days ago. I was always thinking it’s in English LOL!

Why I don’t like it: “Difference between paid and free is that the free version cannot be configured. Everything is automatic. No whitelist capabilities nor does it ask if you want to quarantine or delete an infected file. It just notifies you.” :-TD

Currently running on XP SP3 32 with 512 MB RAM, light & smooth.

The installation is little slow.

From the info on BD website it seems has all the power of BD paid like signs, heur, behaviour, etc…

Good for average users. The only prob is it automatically deletes some threats & quarantines some threats. It would be good if atleast it automatically quarantines all the threats so that in case of FPs restore is possible (read this in wilders)

But the user guide mentions detected threats are disinfected first if disinfection is not possible the threats are quarantined. This is mentioned for autoscan. Dont know if the same applies for realtime scan too. Little confusion here too & also with the deletion thing mentioned in wilders.

May be I will test it to check if the detection is the same as paid BD AV.


Tested with few zeroday malware & the detection was the same as paid BD AV.

But it deleted all threats & only quarantined 1 & this quarantined threat was still present in the folder but was not usable.

And in quarantine section the only option is to delete the files, no option to restore.


After restart I am facing slowdown, may be coz of RAM, its 512 MB.


Tried installing/uninstaling 2 times & both the times it uninstalled but security center still shows Bitdefender installed.

And this installs .Net 4 thats why the download & install is lengthy.

I didn’t liked it. Very buggy for now. Many little bugs are there.

Currently running on my W7 x64 machine with no issues whatsoever. Very light and unobtrusive.

This automatic disinfection and deletion might be rather dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend to use it until they change it.

Finally! ;D

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Adds Quarantine Ability…

Wonderful! I may not have to worry about it crashing the laptop again. Got a nasty Sality virus (God knows how it got there; people seem to always find a way to install one) and BD just went trigger-happy and started shooting down all files. Hope this time it’ll give me a little more time to sort things out before it plays sheriff. Avast!, however great, doesn’t seem to be as fast as it used to be. Bogs down my brothers’ Windows from time to time. Didn’t used to do that back at v7.

Bitdefender Scan Technology Now Powered by Photon

Many ingredients are needed to make an antivirus solution stand out from the crowd: the number of detected threats, the update frequency, speed and impact on your system’s performance are among most important differentiators from an end user’s perspective.

Introducing Photon, a new scanning technology that revolutionizes the way your computer gets scanned and monitored without bogging it down. Built on top of the SmartDB technology we introduced in 2012, Photon adds a critical component in the application reputation system of SmartDB: the Cloud.

In the IT security world, applications can be broken down in two main categories: those we trust and the ones we know nothing about. Photon offloads the antivirus scanner the task of processing known files that have not been altered from their original form by malware.

The Photon technology gradually “discovers” the currently installed applications on the user’s computer and molds on every PC configuration individually by learning which processes need monitoring and which ones do not. The result is a lower number of files that need constant supervision and less system resource spent on watching perfectly safe applications, which allows the scanner to fully concentrate resources on potentially malicious files.

The independent series of tests, carried out in May by AV-Comparatives, reveals Bitdefender performance is “Very Fast” regardless of the operations performed on the system, while still not missing a single infection.

They say that the little details are vital. Little things make big things happen. Photon is that improvement that gives a whole new perspective on scanning and resources. The technology will ship with the New Bitdefender launching today June 26th 2013.

Photon was actually introduced earlier in Bitdefender 2013, but since then the company has made major improvements while minimally impacting performance. Now, Photon officially becomes its own product component.

Source: The Bitdefender Expert Community