Bitdefender error, suspect caused by Comodo. Does Comodo use BD AV Engine?

Today when I shut down my Windows 7 x64 system, I received an error dialog just before the computer powered down. Something starting with “A problem has occurred in BitDefender Threat Scanner.” but I did not have enough time to read the whole thing before the system shut off.

I did Google that on my other system though, and found some people have seen the following error:
“A problem has occurred in BitDefender Threat Scanner. A file containing error information has been created at C:\Windows\TEMP\BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp. You are strongly encouraged to send the file to the developers of the application for further investigation of the error.”

I booted my Ubuntu install on the first machine, and checked the folder mentioned. Sure enough, there is a ‘BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp’ file there… How very odd, since I have used Comodo for years, and have never used BitDefender. Ever.

But then I started to wonder, is Comodo using the BitDefender engine?
Opening the DMP file mentioned, most of it was unreadable, but a few plaintext strings stuck out, like this one:

Hmmm, I wonder what “CIS_512w8” stands for? Perhaps Comodo Internet Security 5.12 - which happens to be the version of Comodo I run?

Can anyone from Comodo confirm this? And can someone tell me what that error is all about and why I received it?

It’s looking more like the error is actually from Spybot S&D 2 which I also have installed. Never mind…

Having multiple AV’s on a system makes it prone to false errors.
I disabled the ones that came with Windows.