BitDefender & Comodo Firewall ?

If possible could someone let me know if their are any known compatibility issues with the Comodo Firewall & the new Bitdefender V10 Virus app ?

At present I am using the AVG 7.1 but I am considering going with the BitDefender AV Version 10 since it is rated as one of the best AVs on the market, and passs most all independent review tests.

I am simply trying to install the best & LEAST CPU intensive AV & Firewall combination that work together in harmony.

Any suggestion`s would be appreciated !

Regards, Silverfox

Hi, I upgraded from BD v9 to v10 about 2 weeks ago.Much better and lighter IMO. No conflicts with either and Comodo. BTW when you purchase Bitdefender now , your license is 2years/2 computers. Hope this helps.

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Thanks very much for your reply and info. I realize that opinions in regards to what standalone AV & Firewall are the best are widely varied with folks, but to install two highly rated apps that do not conflict with one another and are not cpu intensive are hard to find nowadays.

Regards, Silverfox :wink: