Bitdefender and Spy Sweeper Real-time Protection Questions


I’ve never downloaded or installed a firewall before and am new to them. I’ve read great reviews about Comodo Personal Firewall, so I’m going to download it with my new hard drive. I’m going to use Bitdefender Antivirus and Spybot, Ad-Aware, and Spy Sweeper for antispyware. I know that Bitdefender has antispyware real-time protection features and that Spy Sweeper has a lot of real-time protection features. I’m not too tech savvy, so I’ve been wondering what real-time protection features to enable or disable on those two products while using Comodo Personal Firewall. I was wondering if maybe I should enable all of the real-time protection features in Spy Sweeper, but disable the antispyware ones in Bitdefender or the other way around, or maybe enable all of them in both. I tried asking this to Comodo e-mail support and they told me to check the knowledge base, where I didn’t find my answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


It really depends on your browser habits and a little which browser you use.
I have CPF, NOD32 and AdAware pro. I love all three of them… ;D
I almost never get any spyware on my computer, and i don’t have any real time protection on. AdAware have “AdWatch” as real time protection, but i never have it on.
I tried Spy sweeper yesterday. I downloaded a 30 day trial, but when i had installed it, Spy sweeper told me that my trial had expired… :o uninstalled…
I’m trying a beta of Spyware Terminator that seem to work fine. It has real time protection and HIPS.
I have only tried the online scanner version of Bitdefender, so i can’t say anything about that.
I have never tried Spybot.
Hopefully someone else have more experience with the programs you intend to use.

I primarily use Firefox. I was just nervous of having the real-time protection features conflicting with each other and maybe the firewall.

Hi,I use BDv10 av and works well with comodo.
Bitdefender may conflict with the the other antispyware apps you mentioned.Just personal experience, I had to remove adaware. Hope this helps.

I have NOD32 AV with all elements turned on, Comodo PF, and SpySweeper with all “shields” turned on. No conflicts.

Thanks for your help. I think I’m going to enable all of Bitdefender’s real-time protection settings, but disable all of Spy Sweeper’s shields, to prevent possible confliction between them. I’ve never enabled Ad-Aware’s Adwatch, and I don’t think Spybot takes up many resources, excepts for its SDHelper process, which I’ve always left enabled.

IF you find any conflicts/bugs between the firewall and any other program, be sure to report it here, so Comodo can solve it.
Good Luck! (CNY)

Hello. I don’t know your policy on bringing back dead topics. However, I said in this topic that I was getting a new hard drive for my computer with a 2.93 GHz Celeron D processor and 1 GB of RAM. I said that I was going to use Bitdefender Antivirus 10 and I was wondering if antispyware software real-time protection would conflict with CPF, Bitdefender, and the antispyware software. My computer is getting its hard drive right now. I called Bitdefender technical support. They told me that it is okay to use a firewall (From searching this forum, I found out that Bitdefender and CPF work well together.) When I asked them about the antispyware applications, they told me not to use any antispyware software with it because their processes would conflict with Bitdefender. I think I’ll stick to what they’ve told me. I was sucked into purchasing Bitdefender after reading its review in the September 2006 issue of Consumer Reports. That’s too bad, becuase I trusted Spybot and Ad-Aware. But, does that seem normal?


Known compatibility issues when using : --------------------------------------- - SpyBot Search & Destroy - A2 - Security Solutions - Norton Clean Sweep - Nero Imagedrive - and other similar applications (only on Windows 9x)

Disable the Virus Shield while using the programs listed above to avoid data loss and/or system instability.

Hi,this is from bitdefenders readme file.
I have used spybot s&d immunize feature without problems.