BitComet 0.80 problems


I’m having a few problems with comodo since last night when i installed BitComet 0.80. Everytime i start BitComet the cpu load (cmdagent.exe) goes up to about 85% and my computer (A64 3800+, 1GB RAM) soon freezes. It seems that there is an imcompatibility between the 2 programs. I’ll post this on the BitComet site too (as soon as they validate my account).

Has anyone experienced this problem or something similar, and if so do u have any solutiones 4 me ?

And another thing… can u please tell me or point me to a guide or something smilar about how can i open a port in comodo firewall…

Thanks !!!

Marry Xmas !!!


Nothing i tried until now helped me so i gave up… went back to 0.70 and everything works once again.

If i closed cmdagent.exe from the task manager bitcomet 0.80 would work but this doesn’t seem like a solution to me… Even so after a while the net stopped responding and every time u ran a ping or anything u would get a host unreachable error.

So my advice to u is :

DON’T TRY BITCOMET 0.80 IF U RUN COMODO FIREWALL !!! unless u are really bored and are up for a challenge !!!

Try U Torrent a much better application and has been trouble free since i installed CFW. (V)