bit torrent and high severity alerts


I am new to CPF and no computer ■■■■.

My question relates to the fact that when I use bit torrent (utorrent) CPF generates hundreds of ‘high severity alerts’ often in quite a short time. I have set up CPF according to the recommendations set out in other posts in this forum that relate to bit torrent and utorrent specifically, so my question are all these alerts normal. In particular, does the fact of so many alerts spell danger, or the opposite, the fact that the firewall is doing its job. I have lots of anti virus and antispyware on my computer so if anything does get through I have other lines of defense, but I’d like to know if all these alerts are a good or bad thing.

thanks for any help

It will be impossible to know without seeing the alerts. If you’re getting alerts from CPF, then there should be corresponding entries in CPFs Log (Activity - Logs). The Log can be exported to an HTML file & from there it should be a simple cut ‘n’ paste to post it here. But, please remember to mask out any private details. Thanks.

Unfortunately I haven’t got any logs to show at the moment, but my question is more what do these alerts mean.

For example, I am running bit torrent now and no high severity alerts have been recorded for the past few hours. Does the actual logging of such alerts mean that the firewall is actually preventing something doing something to my system? In other words, is it good (regardless of whether the thing that it is preventing is bad). On the other the hand, could the lack of logs while using utorrent (as is the case as I write this) be a sign that the firewall might be missing those bad things that it might have logged previously as an ‘high severity alert’?

In short, I just want to know that if something is logged as ‘high severity alert’ then has it been blocked (and as such can’t do any harm). Surely, someone on this forum could give me some general pointers on this (as opposed to specific advice about ports, applications etc).