Bit Late, but please help me

Hi there. Well… after the comodo disaster that locks winlogon.exe We’ve bought a new computer. (vista Home Premium , 3.2GHZ. 1024mb ram. I don’t think that that’s interesting at the moment)
But i’d like to use the old one (which is locked by comodo av) I followed your steps.
This is what’s happening now

  1. I add the winlogon file from the xp disk.
  2. I Removed C:\Windows\system32\drivers\cavasm.sys
  3. I reboot PC
  4. pressed f8 to go to the “setup” and i’ve chosen “Safe mode boot”
  5. Pressed enter
  6. Windows is starting now…
  7. I see the background wallpaper from the desktop
  8. Then (and this is my problem) i see a windows box like
  9. In that box there’s written (in dutch, of course) Winlogon heeft fouten gegenereerd en wordt afgesloten. Which means something like “Winlogon has made a mistake and it will be closed now”
  10. Then i get that terrible blue screen of death.

Can somebody tell me what i did wrong, or how i can repair it?
I’ve got windows xp pro.

Thanks A lot! :BNC

CFP won’t work with Vista yet.

No you don’t understand.
I’vve got a new computer with windows vista (and i’m not using comodo on this pc)
but my problem is on he computer were Windows XP is installed

so please read my first message again, and reply me!

Thank you

It is possible that you have copied the wrong version of winlogon.exe. If you have your xp OS CD then you can copy the file from CD to disk.
You can try solution 1 at,6534.0.html