Bit by Bit


    Hi Melih,

    I just thought i would let you know, i joined the Medion forum today, and guess
     what some of them were disscussing, thats right firewalls and about taken out
   CA Trust Anti-virus, which comes with Medion machines on a trial basis and is 
     why i first used CPF and CAV when i came accross them, so i left a topic on how
   good i thought Comodo products had protected me, and they should try them.

    We can but try, can we not, because since i have installed CPF + CAV i can
      Honestly say i have never caught a thing, and hand on Tiddler, never hope to.
     I really have forgotten its running, and never give a second thought about 
      going on line anymore, thanks to you fellahs.


I’m glad that you are enjoying the free COMODO™ products like many of us are! Just enjoy and tell your friends about them!
[i]Be careful out there...[/i]

No need to Comodo is protecting him 8)

No worries Bromide

Glad you like’em.