Biostar possible overclocker for AMD infection

Good morning all, I just loaded your Internet protection software yesterday, and it has worked great. I’ve been an MS securty fan for 2 years and had to drop it because of this last malware, which it should have caught it. I ran a complete scan and it hit on Biostar AMD overclocker. I did not save the results. But was wondering if it was an issue. I have had 2 weeks of hell getting an infection called Babylon tool bar virus off, based in root section, and into backup files for computer on seperate drive. Just wondering if its an issue? :smiley:

Please upload the file flagged by CIS to VirusTotal and post a link to the results. That should help us to tell whether this is a legitimate infection or not.

Also, please follow the advice I recommend in my article about How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected and let me know what you find.


Babylon is just a very annoying adware. No security issue apart from the annoyance.

Read here:

Thx for the reply all, I completed all of the testing metheds is the cleaning page no hits. I did how ever on the auto start have some hits on the apple software of i-tunes, and a biostar over clocker, but un installed the over clocker and no issues. So its clean…thx for your help :smiley: :smiley: