BIOClean lost permisisons on PC

my pc was fine for a week with Comodo firewall, antivirus and BIOClean and last night I turned it off, powered it back on tonight and now I have lost all permissions to open an application or browser. the bioclean pops open for a second and then closes then I get windows cannot access the device path or drive and or you do not have permission to access this application. It does this for ever application icon and all of the comodo software how can I delete comodo? I cant even get to safe mode when I kill the processes for comodo in my task manager it reboots, its like either BioClean or comodo firewall has lock its self out of my system

Are these two separate actions?

“You can’t get to safe mode”


“when I kill the processes for comodo in my task manager it reboots”

Can you get into safe mode at all (without trying to kill any processes)?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Safe mode meaning for xp while the permissions are locked, when I reboot which it will not let me do unless I use the power button. I figured out that it was the defense side of the firewall, I had to open the comodo firewall as the admin even though my user is a admin as well once I did that I completely turned off my firewall and the defense and everything worked so then I turned on the firewall without the defense and still everything was ok then I turned on defense with a setting of clean pc which I had been using for a week and all my permissions were gone, I am running with defense off since I cant figure out how to clear whatever is trying to kill my permissions