Biggest Forum Ever!

WOAH! :o


With Ganda around, we’ll soon be on the top… 88)

Seeing that I must say I am very disappointed in Ganda :-\

Greetz, Red.

I was thinking Comodo Forum would possibly be on there but it’s not :frowning:

  1. Gaia Online
    Anime roleplaying community (~14 million members) :o

People are weird … :a0

Look at the specs to maintain it:
Hardware: 80+ web servers, 11 database servers (4 dedicated to forums), 3 session database servers, 1 memory cache server
Software: n/a
Number of moderators: 119

That’s some operation! (:KWL)

There are more geeks over there than here (:TNG) (:LGH)

Ganda’s current multiplying technique is obsolete. It’ll need to devise technique # 2 now (:TNG)

huh me ???

Ganda, add this code to yourself:
spawn Ganda
goto :loop

we should introduce ourselves in these forums maybe :slight_smile:


Requires 500000 posts, Melih.
There’s also a massive waiting list:
There are currently 4420 forums waiting in our submission queue.
In the last month, 25 submissions have been processed.
At this rate it will take 176 months before a new submission will be reviewed.

wow… amazing…


That’s over 14.5 years, so we should have plenty of time to get the total post count up! ;D

Where would we all be in 15 years? Hmmmmm