BIG Warning for Comodo

It is not warning -.-
just wanna admin look this page.
So comodo can be always informed about new viruses and malwares through this list:

Link removed by Moderator please do not post links to Malware on the forum.

I am trying to help you comodo with popularity and updates :slight_smile: ;D

Maybe you didn’t know, but now you know.
Comodo knows maany sources of malware, MDL is the most popular.
Don’t worry, all is under control.

Yea. I am making advertisements and saying to all my friends that comodo is best antivirus! :a0
God like comodo :slight_smile:
Interesting is that you can google for top 10 antiviruses and you won’t find comodo. That angry me a lot :slight_smile:
what to say, 10+ 4 you guys!