Big Trouble with Comodo Firewall V3

Based on what I am reading in the forums, I’ve had the same problems as others with Comodo Firewall V3. Installed this on my desktop (AMD 2400+, Windows XP Pro SP2) with no problems. Installed on my Compaq Laptop (AMD 2600+, Windows XP PRo SP2) and could not get the computer to reboot. It would open my desktop and then I got the BSD (Couldn’t read it as it only flashed on the screen) and then attempted to reboot again with the same results. Ended up booting in to safe mode to uninstall V3 so I could get my PC rebooted. Evidently there is some serious bug in this Version that is causing booting problems at least on some machines. Would definately like to get this up and running on my laptop if anyone has any ideas or thoughts as to what the problem is, would appreciate your input.

Do you have any other security software(antivirus, etc…) installed on the laptop that could be causing a conflict with CFP3?


Oh Yes, I have AVG Anti-Virus running on the laptop. (Also have that running on the desktop). Also have PC Tools Spyware Doctor running. Other than that, the normal stuff (Open Office, Cactus Spam Filter and IObit Defrag.)


I had the same problem with V3.0 when I installed it this morning. The installation began because it was actually an update to the V2.0 I was running. So the download and install (full version) occured more or less in one excercise. During the install anti-virus and a anti-spyware were running. Didn’t quite lock my computer but just about. Booted in safe mode and uninstalled V3.0. Rebooted and reinstalled just the with antivirus and antispyware disabled. Have had no problems since. Like to say that I thought V2.0 was great but this seems even batter.