Big problems with Defense+

My configuration is this:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (SP1 beta, although this problem was around before I installed that)
Norton Antivirus 2011 Beta version (although this problem was around when using 2010)
Comodo Firewall 4.1.150349.920 (although previous versions of 4 had this problem)

When I activate Proactive Security, explorer.exe keeps crashing on a loop. After a while of looking through settings, I disabled Defense+ and that solved the problem.

Is it possible to get Comodo with Defense+ and the sandbox enabled (in other words, Proactive Security) to work in tandem with Norton Antivirus? I’m hoping there is a setting or configuration that I have missed.

It is not advisable to use two antivirus programs simultaneously in real time (in your case Comodo AV si Norton AV). It is good that one of them to use as on-demand scanner, for example Norton AV.
Using two antivirus programs simultaneously as real time scanner can lead to conflicts. Maybe this help you.

But I’m not using the Antivirus as I only installed the Firewall. Defense+ and the Sandbox are still part of the package but I can’t get them to work properly as when I turn Defense+ on as I said…explorer.exe crashes on a loop.

Do you have any aplications related to the Norton AntiVirus listed in “My pending files”? If it is there and Defense + and Sandbox are enabled, then Noton AV will run with restricted rights.
Can you check this please?

There’s nothing in there.

Can you check what policy use Norton Antivirus (under Computer Security Policy)?
If it is set to “Custom policy”, tries to change to “Trusted Applications” to see if this help you.

I am using a similar config. Comodo FW and D+ and Avast. Win7 64bit. No issues with explorer crashing. These days, antivirus are trying to be a lot more than just antivirus. I never liked Norton AV (personal preference here) because the software is too intrusive. I would not be surprised if Norton AV had some sort of HIPS built-in, which could be conflicting with D+. Try disabling Norton and see if the problem persists. Also check you windows events for any errors.

Hope this helps


Try manually adding the files for Norton AV to your safe list. If this doesn’t work you can also change the policy for Norton AV to a ‘Trusted Application’.